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The life path of the Habsburgs was prescribed from birth: to serve the monarchy – be it as reigning emperors, archdukes with military or representative tasks, and archduchesses as supportive wives and mothers in the service and preservation of the dynasty. Their upbringing was geared exclusively towards the given roles; education or even scientific studies were not only not planned in the 19th century, but were even expressly forbidden. Even pursuing one’s own interests was officially impossible. While most of the Habsburgs accepted their role without objection, there were also a few exceptions who ignored family laws and social conventions and sometimes even exercised their talent and passion “professionally” – either by cleverly circumventing family statutes or even in secret . The secret passions in particular provide new insights into the private everyday life of the imperial family and show many well-known Habsburgs in a completely new light.

The new exhibition presents these hidden and previously largely unknown interests and passions of the archdukes and archduchesses for the first time. Discover the Habsburgs as pioneers of balloon flights, photography and research, as undercover journalists and Hollywood stars. The focus is on Empress Elisabeth with her diverse passions. For the first time, you can see clothes that she wore while mountaineering, on her sea voyages and on challenging hunts, as well as previously unknown objects related to her cult of beauty. Emperor Franz Joseph, on the other hand, was not only a heavy smoker, but also had the most extensive uniform collection of his time, which his valet had to keep meticulous records of. Archduke Johann shaped Styria with his interest in the technical innovations of the time and created a large number of extraordinary collections. A highlight of the exhibition is the encryption device of the liberal Crown Prince Rudolf, who, as a great critic of his imperial father’s policies, worked secretly as a journalist. To cover up his authorship, he used an encryption method that was only recently deciphered and can now be presented for the first time.


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