Oasis for those seeking relaxation

The park is open all year round for visitors and offers an opportunity for rest and relaxation in all seasons. Dogs are welcome on a leash.

The castle park is the only park in north-eastern Burgenland.

The park, as it shows itself to a large extent even today, was built around 1900 under Archduke Frederick (1856-1936) on the English model. The former garden director of Schloss Schönbrunn, Anton Umlauft, was significantly involved in the design.

Sculpture Park

Since April 2015, the first sculptures of Austrian artists have been exhibited. The sculpture park is open all year, entrance is free.

This new project allows a synopsis of established to younger artists and a presentation of new tendencies in sculpture. During a walk you have the opportunity to experience the sculptures and to perceive the Baroque palace and its history in connection with contemporary art from another angle!

The project Sculptures in the Park was designed by Dr. Ing. Silvie Aigner and Mag. Astrid Zinniel initiated. Sculptures in the park adds another interesting program item to the comprehensive and varied events in Halbturn, from exhibitions to concerts to the Lipizzaner performances.


The project is supported by

Way of St. James in Burgenland

The Way of St. James Burgenland is about 55 kilometers long, mostly in Burgenland and partly in Lower Austria running branch of the Austrian Way of St. James.

Starting from the Basilica Frauenkirchen, the famous Way of St. James leads through our castle park.

Herbal Workshop

Walk with Andreas Gisch, a trained herbal educator and nature and landscape mediator, in search of herbs and fruits that often grow unnoticed in the castle park.

From the generosity of nature, you can draw strength, energy, health and well-being.

Terms & Informations:
+43 699 11 86 64 15, andreas.gisch@gmx.at